Our Mission Is to Support Individuals

In Coming Back Home To The Heart.

Meet Our Team

Corey Sheikh

Founder – Awaken Ottawa – Meditation Instructor, Emotional Release Facilitator, Ecstatic Dance DJ

Sheikh is a modern spiritual teacher, speaker, healer, writer, meditation & movement instructor. Sheikh has one singular mission. Supporting those who are willing to the realization of eternal peace, limitless creativity, balanced wellness and unconditional love for life & all others.

He among a group of leaders have founded Awaken Ottawa, a central hub for awakening ones body, mind and soul. Becoming a gathering ground for heart centered living, co-creation and well-being.

Crystale Boisvert

Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation Instructor – Emotional Awareness Facilitator – Spiritual Guide

Stacey Sinclair

Yoga & Meditation Instructor – Awaken Ambassador

Stacey has been devoted to the practice of yoga & meditation for many years. Teaching across the local area and spreading her knowledge & love for personal well-being. Teaching all ages from adult to children. She has a wealth of experience in supporting individuals in coming to a grounded experience in the body, mind and soul. Her experience with children starts with the children of her own, along with her beloved grand-children – having given them the opportunity to learn these practices as well. With her experience in bodywork, nutrition and other therapy forms – she brings a wealth of knowledge to the Awaken Youth Program.

Jack Tesoro

Sound Healer – Vocal Activation Facilitator

Jack has explored many facets of personal development and transformation through mind, body and soul. Studying among the indigenous of central america, along countless other teachers, eventually leading him to Corey Sheikh. Learning the art of Meditation, yoga, Self-inquiry. Bringing his talent for sound and music, he supports individuals on the path of their healing, well-being and coming back to the heart!

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