Event & Workshop Schedule

We have developed a unique schedule that runs through our “Awaken Flow” each day and night. Through “intentional” based sessions we create experiences in which explore what it means to be human, and to explore body, mind & soul.

Below is the schedule we are starting with for our regular intention sessions. The description to these sessions is found below.

Our MONTHLY Schedule is at the bottom of the page.

Remember we have a full event & workshop schedule filling up as well which you can check out HERE

Activation Session – An activating yoga, breath, movement and meditation to energize and activate your body, mind and soul.

Awareness Session– A self-inquiry based meditation, discourse and contemplative class with a spiritual Q&A.

Awaken Session – An ecstatic movement, yoga and rhythmic breath guided dance class.

Connect Session – An authentic relating session to facilitate peaceful communication, intimate connection and authentic expression.

YIN / YANG – A yoga flow of power posture and restful yin postures merged into one class

Flow Session – A yogic flow asana practice, with periods of meditation and focused breath.

Mindful Session – A traditional modern mindfulness session.

Silence Session – Open time of personal silent meditation practice.

Restore Session – Restorative yoga to heal the body & mind.

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