Ancient Remedies For The Modern Age Of Awakened Living

Introducing The Alchemical Trinity composed of liberation, blue lotus and redemption as the trio, makes up a new form of ancient tool in modern alchemical remedies.


These are derived from ancient practices and formulas, revived now for modern times with new homeopathic and vibrational essence technology.

Designed to support in releasing of emotional energy, karmic imprints,  and built up stress patterns in the body & mind on a cellular level. These tools are gentle yet powerful, ancient yet scientific, they focus on bringing a new wave of remedy use to the modern individual seeking peace of mind, freedom from anxiety and repeating emotional patterns – and a new sense of zest in everyday life.

The Remedies:


Liberation focuses on releasing emotional energy and karmic patterns on the cell level. It works through the emotional and mental bodies to clear out repeating patterns, triggers and karmic imprints that cause suffering.


Blue lotus is an alchemical remedy that pulls from the energy essence of the Blue lotus flower. Taking the Blue Lotus remedy is like having silk poured on your nervous system it produces a gentle calming effect, relaxing the nervous system at a profound level, allowing us to return to a more normal response to the world, a response without tension in the body.


Redemption the Remedy – a dose of awareness, the pure essence of life. Redemption focuses on completing the cycle of Liberation and Blue lotus and to be used in conjunction. It clears deeply imprinted patterns, traumas and emotional triggered responses to open for more freedom, ease and peace in ones life. It is powerful yet gentle, a revolutionary tool in these modern times.

Experiences With The Remedies:

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