Awaken Ottawa

A New Hub To Awaken Mind, Body & Soul

The Vision: A Hub Of Heart Centered Living

We are launching a revolutionary new space here in Ottawa. A space in which models a new world in which we would like to see. A world of wellbeing, happiness, connection and love.

Join us in our journey ground opening, as we host an exclusive series of events, experiences, gatherings and immersions in which are geared to to awaken your potential.

Yoga & Meditation Sessions

Nourishing Cafe & Support

Dance Celebrations & Social Lounge

Heart Centered Education

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Awaken Your Potential

A community of support to realize endless peace, complete wellness and unleash each individuals creativity.

A New  Community Hub

What if Cities actually created a community center you actually wanted to be at?

What if these community centers became the hub within cities for transformation, education and co-creation?

A new community space that sets the standard for heart based, conscious living.

Live An Awakened, Healthy Life

Through the leadership of our founding team, support on your path of awakening, transformation, and unleashing your purpose is here.

A supporting array of sessions, lifestyle events, transformation programs and guidance to bring you to a place of natural well-being, awakened understanding and a clear vision on your personal purpose.

Covering the full spectrum of Body, Mind & Soul. We’ve go you covered!

A New Look At Exchange

As a socially focused space, we are focused on making our experiences and programs available for all. Exchange money, time and your effort for services an access to this center.

We believe when Love is the new currency – gain points by attending evens, inviting friends and spreading love. Use these points to redeem special rewards!

Built By The Community

Have your voice heard. A community space designed to thrive for the community and by the community. With our socially focused model we will direct the direction of  this space together, build on the foundational principles set fourth by our leaders and vision keepers.

Feel apart of a community space that looks to set a new normal and become a beacon for the changing of how our modern community spaces are run.

Find Peace, Realize Well-Being, Become Your Best Self.



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